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Earthy tones, creamy neutrals, beiges, ivory tones and softer shades can create a neutral aesthetic which is far from bland. A neutral aesthetic is one of our favourite interior styles at NICNAC. We love how a neutral palette brings the feeling of space and calm to even smaller spaces while remaining elegant in an effortless way. We curate the most covetable home accessories, soft furnishings and furniture available at NICNAC.

Here are our top picks to create an on-trend neutral aesthetic with depth and character in your home.

  1. Add richness and warmth to your neutral palette by combining different tones of rich brown, taupe and cream. These handmade cushions are a prime example of how luxurious fabrics in complementary neutral tones can really elevate an area.

  2. Add tactile textures to your neutral space to create interest and guide the eye around the room. The Lima Pouffe made from lambswool is a great example of embracing natural fabrics and character to add depth. You could place the pouffe against a neutral wall to add another dimension or create a subtle contrast against smoother fabrics such as the cushions above.

  3. Experiment with ornaments to add character and personality. The Esme Ornament creates a feeling of fluidity and can be a main focal point in any room or to add interest and personality. The black lines add a modern contrast and guide the eye around the space. Natural wood adds warmth, texture and definition to a neutral palette when used carefully, why not offset your neutral aesthetic with stripped back wooden floors or play around with sculptures such as the Reese Sculpture. The use of natural materials can look super sophisticated in a neutral palette as this Bijou Crystal has a warm, pink undertone, with luxurious gold accents.

  4. Add even more depth and warmth to your neutral interior space by experimenting with low-level lighting to  create an inviting glow. Our Canterbury Ivory LED candles come in a range of sizes and are super realistic from afar. Why not create a cluster of candles for maximum impact? The Luca Candle Holder brings natural materials and texture with its stunning shell base. 

  5. At NICNAC we have a stunning range of vases which could bring your neutral interior aesthetic to the next level. Whether you style one to be on the floor, or create a flower arrangement or fill one with pampas grass, the choice is yours! The creamy, rustic Chloe Vase or Louie Lidded Vase in nudey pinks and warmer taupe flecks could look divine.

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